Emirates Identity Authority becomes member of Global Agenda Council

The Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID) has become a member of the World Economic Council (WEF)’s Global Agenda Council on Data-Driven Development 2012-2014.

Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Director General of the Emirates Identity Authority, described the authority’s membership in the Global Agenda Council on Data-Driven Development 2012-2014 as an international recognition of U.A.E’s relevant experience in using data for sustainable development in various fields, backing decision-making and foreseeing the future based on a better understanding of the needs of societies and the demands of global competitiveness.

According to WEF, humanity has been transformed by networks that combine people and computers in new ways. This transformation has affected the world s economies, the way business is conducted and societies are governed, and even individual interactions. Data is being collected from billions of interactions across billions of devices, altering our socio-economic landscape forever.

The Global Agenda Council says it is attempting to develop a coherent framework around the use of data in disaster-response scenarios to increase the effectiveness of crisis management and to limit the disruption caused by these events. Over the next year, the Council intends to advance the issue of data-driven development, building trust and understanding how data analytics can be better leveraged as part of multi-stakeholder efforts to address global challenges.