Dad doping with teen son in Abu Dhabi

Haven?t we heard, ?like father, like son?! Only that in this case it is drugs that bind them alike.

A father and his teenage son in Abu Dhabi have been charged with substance abuse.

The incident came to light when the teenager was caught using hashish in the washroom of an educational centre where he studies. It is alleged that the supervisors found him in an ?abnormal? state and alerted police.

Upon being questioned by the Public Prosecution, he confessed to possessing the drug and claimed that he got it from his father?s room while he was asleep.

The boy also told investigating officers that he used to abuse several types of drugs along with his father.

However, the father denied knowledge that his son took hashish. The elderly man did confess to possessing? and using amphetamines and hashish, though.

Meanwhile, forensic reports confirm the samples from both contain hashish, heroin and amphetamines.

While the boy has been sent to a reformatory, the father? has been imprisoned.

The teen will be treated for his addiction.