Filipino Fashion Professionals jailed for cross dressing in Dubai

A fashion designer and tailor have been arrested by police at a metro station for wearing women?s clothes.

The two Filipino men, AP, 34, and WP, 44, were referred to Dubai Court of Misdemeanours on a charge of impersonating women after they were spotted wearing bras and high heels.

AP said that he had been wearing women?s clothes since he was 10 years old, while WP said he had been doing it since he was 8. They also were carrying purses containing womanly cosmetics.

?I had been living here since 1999, and never committed any offence,? said AP, who also told police that he had got his breasts enlarged by taking hormone injections. ?But I?m not a homosexual.?WP said he also used the same injections.

He told the court that they were heading to a bank to pick up their salaries when they were caught.?We were wearing women?s clothes but we haven?t done any indecent gestures,? said WP.The court sentenced each to one month in jail to be followed by deportation.