Dubai insurers ‘must provide basic health cover’

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said on Tuesday that residents should lodge a complaint if any insurance company refuses to provide basic health coverage.

?It is important that they bring it to the attention of the regulator,? said Dr Haidar Al Yousuf, Director of Health Funding.

The director responded to a complaint that insurance companies had refused him cover in the basic Dh600 package, as he was a single person applying for health insurance.

A couple of insurance companies, representatives said it was not economical for the companies to offer the basic package to individuals. ?We are offering cover [in the basic package] to groups of individuals totalling 1,000,? one representative said.

Dr Al Yousuf said that after a rigorous evaluation process, seven companies qualified as Participatory Insurers (PI) in Dubai?s mandatory health insurance scheme. They will offer cover to employees of organisations and to individuals with a salary of Dh4,000 and below.