Iranian businesswoman tells Dubai court marijuana was to cure headaches, not for selling

A 24-year-old woman on trial for possessing marijuana with the intent to sell denied the charge and told the court that she used the drug to ease her headaches and used it only overseas.

Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday that Iranian businesswoman S?A had nearly seven grams of marijuana, although she insisted that it was for her personal use.

?I have been using it for the past two years to treat my severe headaches, and that started after I consulted a doctor who is an expert in herbal medicines,? she said.

Policeman S?S said that on April 14, the woman was arrested after a tip-off that she was trying to sell marijuana. Records show that the drug was found in her car.

?More was found hidden in her toilet when we headed to her flat and searched it,? said S?S.

The court ordered that the charge be amended to possessing drugs without the intent to sell.