Bill of rights for those accused of crime in Dubai

For the first time, those accused of a crime in the emirate will have a guide to their rights to which they can refer.

Dubai Public Prosecution on Thursday issued three books ? one for juveniles, one for accused people and one for those serving sentences.

They were compiled from the constitution and federal laws, which had always contained these rights.

Attorney General Essam Al Humaidan said parts had also been taken from the many human-rights agreements to which the UAE was a signatory.

Each book summed up all of the rights accorded to people in the each specific category.

?Despite not being mandatory, we felt this had to be prepared because the accused, whether adult or a juvenile, or the prisoner, have the right to know what their rights are, and what their responsibilities during a legal battle are,? said Mr Al Humaidan.

He said the guides would curb crime as the level of legal awareness increased.