Woman’s daring escape from moving car as ‘kidnapper’ drove from Dubai to Sharjah

An Emirati allegedly used a trick to kidnap a Serbian woman in his car but the victim managed to jump out of his running car, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On August 23 last at around 8.30pm, SS, 28 received a phone call from KS, 28, customs inspector, who asked her to go out for dinner.?On his request, I stopped my car in Jumeirah where he came and picked me.We went to a restaurant near Festival City. After dinner, KS had some alcohol. At around 11pm, I asked him to drop me back to my car and we left the restaurant,? the victim told investigators.

The woman was shocked when her companion drove towards Sharjah at high speed.?I asked him why he is driving towards Sharjah but he did not answer and increased speed. I asked him to take the first exit to Dubai.”When he did not listen to me, I opened the car?s door to force him turn to Dubai. He took an exit to Dubai and as there was some traffic, he asked me to close the door which I did.

“When I closed the door, he punched me several times in the head and other parts of my body. I opened the door again and hung my legs down, wanting to get down from the car. He pulled me by my hair me into the car to prevent me from escaping.?Finally, I could make it but I fell on the road. I took a taxi and asked the driver to drop me at a police station. The accused admitted to accompanying the woman and told investigators that he had hit her lips accidentally while trying to take his mobile phone from her.