1.2 million Dubai traffic offences in 5 months

Dubai recorded nearly 1.272 million traffic offences in the first five months of 2014, an average of about 8,480 violations a day.

Police data showed 4,593 motorists were caught driving at least 60km above the assigned speed limit on various roads of the emirate.

Traffic police acting director Colonel Saif Al Mazroui said speeding and other road offences resulted in a large number of accidents which killed? 88 people.

He said 9,313 drivers exceeded the speed limit by at least 50km while more than 528,000 motorists drove as fast as 21-30km above the limit.

He said other violations included illegal parking, sudden change of lane, failure to leave enough space with other cars and sudden stopping.

His figures also showed 6,463 cars and 5 trucks jumped the red signal in the first five months of this year.