Girl tells Dubai court she went with ‘rapists’ willingly

WB, the 19-year-old victim, told investigators that she met AI and SS in the Sheraton Hotel in JBR and agreed to accompany them later in the evening. AI took her in his Nissan Patrol to the house of a third man where they were to have a party.

The woman had alcohol and fell unconscious until she woke up in the hospital. In the hospital she was told that she was sexually assaulted. She had bruises on her neck, arms and legs.

AI admitted having sex with the victim but claimed it was consensual.

Police arrested SS, 34, Emirati, who admitted that after his friend had sex with the girl, they both took her out of their friend?s villa and left her in Barsha.

Forensic reported that the girl was subjected to sexual assault during which she lost her virginity. She was also subjected to sodomy and had bruises in different areas of her body.

SS is accused of having forcible sex with the victim and violating her virginity.AI is accused of undressing the victim and defilement under duress and ejaculating on her belly after sexually assaulting her.