Landlords asking for tenants’ nationality in Dubai

Tenants in Dubai are complaining that some owners of houses, particularly in the free zones, are setting their own terms for renting outside the terms of the contract.

They claim that some property owners enquire about the nationality of the tenant and the nature of his work, monthly income and the number of members in his family before agreeing to sign the rent contract.

?Rera has sent a circular to all offices of realtors, warning them that anyone adding conditions to the official rent contract, particularly regarding nationality, will be fined Dh50,000,? he added.

In case of a repeat of this violation, the fine will be doubled to be Dh100,000? and if this happens for the third time, the realtor?s office will be shut down.

He added that tenants need to make sure the rent contract is registered with the Land Department in the Ejari system to safeguard their rights.

He added? that the law allows the lessor and the lessee to agree on some additional conditions, provided they do not violate the laws or public morality.