Police cameras capture Dubai robber in the act

SH, a 21-year-old unemployed Indian, allegedly attacked a pedestrian and robbed him, unaware that security cameras were capturing him and his companion in the criminal act, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On January 1 at around 7.45pm, the victim SB, 34, was walking near the Baqer Mohebi supermarket in Al Rifaa, heading for a restaurant. ?I noticed two Indians walking behind me. They overtook me, turned and asked me if I had a job opening. Immediately after the question, one of them took out pepper powder from his pocket and sprayed it at my face. Then he snatched my gold chain before they both ran away,? the victim told investigators.

After the attack, the victim lodged a complaint with the police and said the gold chain was worth Dh8,000. Police reviewed footage of security cameras on the route which the victim had taken. Camera footage showed two men following the victim.

Police could identify SH as the one who sprayed pepper powder and snatched the gold chain. The victim recognised the attacker when shown to him via pictures and after his arrest via identification parades.