Confessions of a drug dealer: Knock on the door, 10 years in Abu Dhabi jail

Ignorance of the law, lack of respect for culture and extreme gullibility led a 30-year old Asian national, identified as S.M.O. into an unfortunate situation. He indicated that he was approached by a neighbour in his home country, who turned out to be a drug dealer, who fooled him and lured him with money, without telling him of the nature of the so-called merchandise.

In a voice laden with sorrow and distress, S.M.O. explained that he started working for the drug dealer as a delivery man. He had full confidence in the dealer, and thought of himself as just a regular delivery man, just like his friends delivering groceries.

He never questioned the reason why his salary was higher compared to his colleagues or about the nature of the goods he delivered to customers’ homes, until he was arrested by the police and sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of drug possession.

Five years already into his sentence, he is counting the days until the end of the plight that cost him the best years of his youth.