Labourer jailed for six months for causing the death of roommate in Dubai

A labourer has been convicted of causing the death of his roommate by pushing him off the bed.?The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced N G, 44, a Pakistani, to six months in jail.

He denied a charge of causing the death of Hadramout Khan and said the man?s death was just fate.

On September 4, the two men had a fist fight after the victim insisted that N G turn off the light of his mobile phone because it was stopping him from sleeping.

In the tussle, Mr Khan was pushed off the bed and soon after he began complaining from chest pains and breathing difficulties.?K K rushed to get dressed and take the victim to hospital, but by the time he came back to carry him to the car Mr Khan was dead.

Police were called to the labour accommodation in the Al Quoz Industrial area and found the victim dead on his bed.

?We suspected the death wasn?t by natural causes because we saw bruises on the man?s neck and a bleeding from the nose,? said Emirati lieutenant A A, 26.?The forensic report said that the agitated state of the deceased due to the fight caused him to suffer a heart attack that killed him.

N?G was charged with assault that caused a person?s death.