Nahda residents risk life, Dh200 fine to avoid Dh20 cab fare

Residents of Al Nahda, located on the Dubai-Sharjah border, need a pedestrian over-bridge or a zebra crossing, to help them cross the road safely.

The stretch near the fenced border behind Sahara Centre mall is the most popular crossover spot.

It wouldn?t be an exaggeration to say that every few minutes, you can spot people dangerously dodging speeding cars to reach the other side of the road.?It?s scary to watch people do this day in and day out.

While authorities have issued Dh200 as penalty for jaywalkers, the situation remains unchanged.

?Crossing the road from non-designated places can endanger your life and result in a fine of Dh200.?Although the penalty might stop some people from running across, the solution, residents believe, lies in putting zebra crossings or setting up a pedestrian over-bridge.