Speeding motorist rams into Sharjah parking lot

A speeding motorist in Sharjah rammed into cars in a parking lot as he swerved in an attempt to avoid hitting a vehicle that had met with an accident before him.

Luckily no pedestrian was hurt in the incident that took place on Friday night on Caterpillar Road in Sharjah Industrial Area 3. The driver of the speeding car had a miraculous escape while his co-passenger is hospitalized with serious injuries.

An employee of an auto service firm, who was a witness to the freak accident, said, ?I was in the office watching television. Suddenly one car ? a black Honda – came fast towards us and we ran for safety. We thought it is going to ram into the shop. But it stopped just near the glass door.?

?The vehicle from the fast lane hit parked cars, and climbed onto a vehicle, forcing the cars to nearly hit the shops,? a witness said.

Sharjah Police immediately moved the piled-up vehicles.