Driver pays Dh55,000 traffic fines in UAQ

An Emirati driver paid Dh55,000 in traffic fines in Umm Al Quwain, taking advantage of a decision by the Northern Emirate to slash the fines by 50 per cent for three months.

The unnamed driver had committed 27 road offences, including serious violations and failure to renew his car registration and driving licence.

?He took advantage of the decision to cut fines by 50 per cent and paid all his fines?he will not be able to renew his licence and car registration,? said Lt Colonel Saeed bin Aran, Director of the traffic police in UAQ.

The emirate began enforcing fine cuts last week for three months to encourage drivers to pay their fines and renew their licences and vehicle registration. Aran urged all drivers to benefit from the decision and pay their fines so they can renew their licences and car registration and avoid prosecution.