Target 2021: There will be no crime in Sharjah

Sharjah Police have launched a major campaign to reduce the growing crime rate in the emirate with an ambitious target to make it crime free by 2021.

The Sharjah Crime Prevention Programme includes setting up of more security cameras, running continuous awareness campaigns and controlling various sources of crime especially among children.

As part of a long term plan to reduce crime rate in Sharjah by ten per cent every year, Major-General Humaid Muhammed Hudaid, Head of Sharjah Police, said the overall crime rate in Sharjah has come down by 10.7 per cent last year and each year the crime rate will come down by 10 per cent, making Sharjah a crime free emirate by 2021.

The project aims to control crime before it happens and a mass campaign to spread awareness has already been launched.