Dubai civil servant claims he speaks to ‘jinn’

Dubai Police arrested an Arab employee working at a government department claiming he can use ‘Jinn’ (spirits) to resolve women?s marital problems.

Police arrested the man after receiving complaints from many women that the man robbed them of large sums of money but failed to tackle their problems.

?He was using his victim?s marital sufferings. He claimed he can use the ‘Jinn’ to resolve their problems,? said Colonel Abdullah Rashid, head of the counter-economic crime division at the general human rights administration.

He said the man was located and a female undercover was sent by the police to see him, pretending she had serious marital problems.

He said police searching the man?s apartment found large quantities of human hair, feathers, and other magic items.

?He was charging his victims large sums of money ranging between Dh10,000 and 30,000,? he said.