Dubai gallery employee accused of embezzling Dh247,000 from Kuwaiti royal owner

A gallery employee embezzled almost Dh250,000 from its Kuwaiti royal owner by forging receipts for expenses, the Criminal Court heard.

Gallery owner L?A, 36, told the court: ?I did not report her because I cared for the money. I am wealthy and I don?t care about the money but I was hurt because she betrayed me and stabbed me in the back.?

Prosecutors charged the defendant G?S, 38, an Indian, with forgery of official and non-official documents, use of the forged documents and embezzlement of Dh247,204 from L A.

An audit revealed the embezzlements and forgeries, said L A, after the companies in which names the receipts were issued were contacted and they denied issuing them.

?One bill was from the Dubai Civil Defence and another was from the health insurance. I was hurt, because I fully trusted her and took care of her from the very beginning,? said LA.

Prosecutors said G?S had forged almost 20 receipts.