Dubai Customs seizes 6kg of heroin

Customs inspectors have foiled a drug-smuggling operation, seizing more than 6 kilograms of heroin and 46 grams of opium.

Falah Al Samak, director of the Customs operations department for Terminal 2, said the man was acting suspiciously as he went through passport control.

?Screening his bags showed secret pockets that, after a manual search, revealed 6.25kg of heroin,? Customs said. ?A further search uncovered the presence of another dark-coloured substance, which was later found out to be 46.2g of opium.

?Subjected to interrogation by investigators of the passenger operations department, the passenger admitted possession of the narcotics.?

Mr Al Samak said that Dubai Customs and the operations department aimed to make it as easy as possible for legitimate flow of travel and trade through airports.

Inspectors are given special training including drug types, smuggling techniques and reading body language.