Illegal Dubai taxi driver jailed after trying to bribe parking inspector

A man who was caught using his car as an illegal taxi and then offered a parking inspector Dh400 to let him go was sentenced to three months in jail and fined D1,000.

Roads and Transport Authority inspector O?B, 40, from Yemen, testified at Dubai Criminal Court that he was on duty inspecting taxis and private cars at Al Nahda when he saw the Indian defendant, N?K, 31, with three African men in his Nissan Sunny.

?When I saw his car stopping I noticed that one of the African men was paying him money, so I approached him and asked about his relation to the men in the car with him,? said the inspector.He added that the defendant could not tell him the names of the men and then the men admitted they were given a lift from near Zulekha hospital to their destination in return for Dhs 20.

?So I then issued him a ticket and then he started telling me that he can be fired from his job and offered to give me all the cash he had on him if I cancelled the ticket,? O?B said.?I didn?t give him much attention but then he placed the Dh400 on the seat next to his, so I called on a police patrol that was very close by.?The defendant denied offering a bribe in court in September and said he was paying part of the fine issued to him but he was convicted.