Two men shut down Etisalat station after stealing its diesel, Dubai court hears

Two men who shut down an Etisalat communications station when they stole its diesel fuel were on Wednesday jailed for six months.

Dubai Criminal Court convicted Pakistanis M?K, 26, and 29-year-old T?M of theft and intentionally damaging an Etisalat communications service designed for mobile phones by halting the station?s transmission.

They were also convicted of causing damages to the fuel tank after breaking its lock.

Prosecutors said the men stole 590 litres of diesel from the station on February 10 last year, an amount worth about Dh2,000, but the pair denied the charges when they appeared in court in September.

The two defendants?confessed willingly that they committed the crime at the Etisalat station.?

Both men will be deported after completing their jail terms.