Man offering lifts dupes Sharjah residents

Sharjah residents have been swindled by a Pakistani man who promised to drive them to their workplaces in Dubai and back. The man with multiple names took off with their money, leaving his customers stranded and without the means to commute to work and back. His disappearance even cost one of the residents her job.

Many residents don?t have their own means to commute to work so they resort to car lifts. Advertisements for car lifts are abundant on classified pages or on the internet, with options to pay monthly or daily. However, although these are a cheaper and more efficient alternative to public transportation, drivers that charge passengers for car lifts are not registered with authorities.

The RTA has a system called Sharekni, which encourages carpooling as a way to reduce traffic congestion. Passengers and drivers can register with Sharekni free of charge. Only payments for petrol can be shared between the driver and passengers. The RTA has advised people to use the registered carppoling service only.