Man arrested for stealing Dh75,000 in RAK

Police have arrested a man accused of stealing Dh75,000 from the car of his friend.

The suspect, identified as M.R., 22, of Arab nationality, was sitting in the car of his 30-year-old Emarati friend shortly before the reported theft took place, police said.

After the money went missing, the car owner filed complaint with the police and accused his friend of the theft.

The owner said that he kept the money under the car seat and his friend was aware of its this. When he went to a hotel, he left his friend in the car.

When he returned, the suspect had fled.

Police formed a team to track down the suspect and arrested him. At the time of the arrest, police found Dh63,000 with him from the stolen money and he confessed that he had spent the rest of the money.

The case has been referred to the public prosecution.