Journalist jailed in Dubai for molesting woman makes impassioned appeal speech

A journalist who molested a woman in a supermarket told appeals court judges on Tuesday he was neither sick nor sexually deprived. The Egyptian expatriate, 31, was sentenced in November to three months? imprisonment and deportation. He was convicted at Dubai Criminal Court of touching the woman, 31, from Malaysia, as she bent over to load her shopping trolley on the night of July 12 last year.

The man told the Court of Appeal on Tuesday: ?According to the latest studies, to molest a woman who is wearing a hijab and has three children in her company, one has to be either sick or sexually deprived, and I am neither sick nor sexually deprived ? how can I if I have only been married for one month?? He said he had written several essays and articles and had been involved in campaigns to encourage Arab women to report men who molested or raped them, and he showed the judges images, figures and documents to support his case.