Abu Dhabi Police calls for social participation to combat crime

Colonel Mohammed Ahmed Al Hosani, Deputy Head of the Social Support Centres Department at Abu Dhabi Police, has called for social participation in crime prevention and suppression. He emphasised that preserving security is a mutual responsibility that is not limited to the police institution, but involves both police and community members.

These remarks fall in line with the Security Glances Campaign organised by the Radio Branch at the Security Media Department, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

Colonel Al Hosani, said, “Such issues can be prevented via communication with the Support Centres Department, which endeavours to increase awareness among parents, couples and community members,” he said.

He stressed the keenness of the Social Support Centres Department at Abu Dhabi Police to handle social issues, domestic violence issues and family disputes, by resorting to a modern scientific approach.