European woman ‘high’ at Dubai Airport; hits policewoman

A European passenger was acting strangely after landing in Dubai as she was shouting at the customs officers. She could not even stand straight and was always moving and fidgeting.?She was high, and her behaviour raised the customs officer’s suspicions that she might have taken something before landing in Dubai.

And their instincts proved right, as the inspection led them to a small quantity of marijuana leaves and seeds in her handbag.?As the team was dealing with a very unstable female passenger, they approached the situation cautiously.”We didn?t want to physically grab her so a policewoman approached her instead and identified herself,? but the passenger hit the officer?s hand, threw off her shoes and ran away from us.”

Hassan explained: “We have a lot of these cases with passengers arriving from Europe, where the consumption of marijuana for personal use is allowed.”With hundreds of thousands of passengers arriving at Dubai International Airport per day,? the vigilant Dubai Customs team are alert and ready for anything.