Injured on job? Full salary for 6 months, Dubai Court rules

If an employee is injured while on the job, the employer is obliged to pay full salary for six months. And if the period of treatment exceeds six months, the employer ought to pay half the salary, said Dubai Court of Cassation in a new principle.

The court stated that in such cases ? which involve either employees or insurance companies – the employer is obliged to make the payment after receiving medical report from the treating physician.

The Court of Cassation based its judgment on Articles 144 and 147 of Labour Act 8 of 1980. While Article 144 establishes the rights of employees injured at work, Article 147 states that the medical report from the treating physician should cite details of injuries; the degree of impairment sustained by the employee as well as treatment procedures required. It also stipulates that both the employee and the employer should submit reports.