Ministry of Labour: Dh10,000 fine and blacklist for companies not reporting occupational injuries

 The Ministry of Labour has urged private sector companies to implement occupational safety and health standards while on duty and report workers occupational injuries without any delay. Maher Al Obed, Assistant Under-Secretary for Inspectional Affairs said, “The ministry’s keenness to provide a safe working environment for workers comes as support to avoid occupational injuries, and through the application of innovative standards for occupational safety and health in addition to taking the necessary steps against the non-complying facilities.” He explained, “The facilities who don’t report occupational injuries, illness or deaths, are violating Cabinet Decision No. 40 of 2014, which states that an Dh 10,000 fine per (non-reported) case is applicable, and the Ministry of Labour shall blacklist the company until the offense is resolved.” The Ministry of Labour must be informed of any work-related injuries that cost any workers three or more days absence, and within 24 hours from the date of injury, only if it occurs during working periods or while commuting from/to a workplace. The rule also applies in cases of workers catching any one of the listed diseases on the occupational labour diseases agenda. “The ministry receives reports on its 800665 hotline or via the e-mail,, clarifying the worker’s name, labour card number, property number, date of the injury and a contact phone number,” Al Obed said. In case of injury, the employer shall bear the costs of treatment in addition to paying any transport expenses required for until the treatment is concluded or the worker presents a clear statement of a permanent disability. “The Ministry works diligently towards strengthening commitment to occupational safety and health measures, by implementing educational programmes for employers to motivate them to provide all safety requirements for employees in their workplace, and to report all injuries a worker might face. The programmes also target workers to enlighten them about the importance of adapting to safety measures while working,” he said.