Your voice can be used to detect deceit if you commit crime

A 22-year-old European woman was proved to be the main suspect in an embezzlement case with the help of voice detection technology, according to Dubai Police. Major Hamad Juma, Head of Voice Examination Evidence Section of Dubai Police Forensic Department said that this woman was smart and young, and she committed the fraud that involved a huge amount of money.

This woman was working in a bank in Dubai, and she knew an Iranian trader’s personal assistant. The personal assistant of the trader was authorized to conduct transactions on behalf of him in the bank. She was authorized to transfer huge amount of money from his account. And this is how this woman got the idea of committing her crime.

 She transferred more than Dh36 million from the trader’s account to her friend’s account. But after some time, the trader noticed the money transfers and he contacted the bank, which then contacted Dubai Police.Police arrested the woman, but then she denied being involved in this case. She stressed that she had nothing to do with this crime up to the last moment.

However, with the help of the experts in voice detection, they got the voice recordings from the bank through which she was giving orders to transfer money to her friend’s account. They compared the voices, and upon examination, it was proved that she was the one who gave the orders and embezzled the trader.

The verdict in the case was given this year, and she got punished for what she did. Major Hamad added that they have experts, and they can recognize all types of voices, and they can prove if someone committed the crime using his or her voice. They have solved many cases in this way.